Know the optimal time to clean your solar panels

Measure soiling losses in the most accurate way by comparing the point of maximum power of two photovoltaic modules: one clean and the other dirty. Unlike other methods, this makes it possible to measure losses due to non-homogeneous soiling losses as well as losses depending on the angle of incidence of the sun.

All the information is processed automatically and presented on an online platform to monitor these losses on a daily, weekly, and annual basis. The platform makes it possible to detect annual soil crust patterns and therefore allows for optimal planning of cleaning campaigns.


E-Dust Specifications
Maximum input1 voltage ​160V​
Maximum input2 current ​20A
Recommended maximum voltage @CEM 125V​
Maximum recommended current @CEM ​12A​
Number of PV module inputs ​2
Measurement accuracy ± 0.3% (V and I) & ± 0.5% (P)
Measurement resolution ​2.5mV / 0.3mA​
Communication ports​RJ45​
IP protection ​IP 51​
Power supply​
Voltage​​12V / 24V DC​
Consumption ​500mA @ 12V​
Weight1 kg
Dimensions215 (244) x150x60,5mm (x-y-z)