The fastest I-V curve tracer on the market, now up to 1,500V and 35A

Drastically reduce the time spent on O&M, commissioning, and quality control
with Entec Solar’s E-1500 I-V curve tracer. And all while maintaining the highest
standards of measurement accuracy


Specifications E-1500
Input voltage range0-1500V
Input current range0.1-20A (up to 35A optional)
Precision± 0.3% ± 2 digits (voltage and current) ± 0.5% ± 0,1W (power)
Resolution22.5mV 0.5mA
Measurement time30-200ms (typical)
Measurement cycle time≤ 3 sg
Quantity of points measured per curve200
Operation temperature-10 to +65ºC
Battery duration10 hours in continuous operation. (More than 2000 curves I-V)
Weight2.3 kg
ProtectionsOver-voltage, over-current and reverse polarity
Data storage and formatSD card 12KB per curve I-V in .csv format
Electrical securityCAT II- 1000V, EN-61010-1
Standards Curve measurement I-V according to IEC-61829 Extrapolation to CEM according to IEC-60891
Warranty2 years on product failure