Wirelessly send recorded temperatures and irradiance measurements with ease


Voltage inputs​1 x 2V channel that measures radiation; 1 x 60V channel that measures temperature
Temperature inputs​3 x PT1000
Voltage measurement accuracy​± 0.3%​
Temperature measurement accuracy ​± 0.3ºC. Class B​
Resolution ​0.45mV for the 60V channel , 0.015mV for the 2V channel​
Measurement interval ​1 second for the radiation channel 2 seconds for all other channels​
Wireless link distance ​Several hundred meters and up to 2 km​
Wireless link frequency​433MHz , (915Mhz for USA)​
Operating temperature ​-10 to + 65ºC​
Battery life ​15 hours of operation​
Dimensions ​195x95x29mm​
Weight ​265 grams​
Protections​Overvoltage and reverse polarity​
Data storage and format ​Micro-SD card​
Electrical Safety​EN-61010-1​
Warranty ​2 year on product failure